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Before getting started, let's talk about loom knitting. What is it? Why was it invented?

What is Loom Knitting? Why was it invented?

Loom knitting is taking strands of yarn and wrapping around pegs in order to knit. Like myself, some people can handle knitting needles and knitting on a loom helps and lets you knit items otherwise knitted on just 2 knitting needles.

Here is the question I ask everyone............Do you think loom knitting is for you? If you don't really know but are curious enough to try it, then I suggest getting a small loom and one skein of yarn so that way you haven't invested a lot of money in case it is not for you.

Here are the items you will need to learn and create the projects from this website:

  • Martha Stewart Weaving/Knitting Loom Set or KB Knitting Board or KB Sock Loom - You can find these at AC Moore or Michaels. Also use their 40/50% off coupn for even bigger savings
  • Yarn - There are a lot of variety of yarns out there. I list the suggested yarn type with each pattern, but be bold and try other types of yarn, you will be surprised at the change in texture, and look.
  • Time - Loom knitting is not a quick craft so set at least 2 hours aside in the beginning while you learn. There are a ton of different stitch designs and you will need to know them. I am still learning new ones every week.
  • Purchase a binder - My patterns are in .pdf file for easy printing and put the patterns in a binder. This way you can go back and look up a pattern without booting up your computer plus they will be organized and easy at hand.
  • Patiences - It takes time to learn, SO don't rush it!

I hope this helps! If there is anything I need to add please email at with the subject header "Hints & Tips"


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