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Hi! I am Suzanne Swift owner of KS Swift & Company, the parent company of Ladybugg Junction.

Here at the Junction we create whimsical, unique and fun patterns for the Martha Stewart Knitting/Weaving Looms, KB Knitting Board and the KB Sock Loom. 

I decided to add other products that will enhance your personal and living space. Such as home decor, not just inside of your home but the outdoor living space as well.

Ladybugg Junction does not stock any inventory. I decided to join vendors who offer drop shipping programs. The reason for this decision is to save on products and shipping costs and pass the savings on to you, our valued customers.. 

Ladybugg Junction is located in the beautiful Triad area of North Carolina.

Trying my hand at regular knitting was a disaster and I wanted to try my hand at the looms. I bought several different loom sets before the three mentioned above and they didn't work out due to cheap material, breakage and only one size of pegs, so I bought the looms I am currently using now and have been hooked ever since.  

Loom Knitting is a very versatile craft and you can make so many different projects at half the time of regular knitting.

I hope you enjoy my patterns and please feel free to email me at: ladybuggjunction@gmail.com to share your knitted project. I would love to see them.

 L Happy Shopping!

  ~ Suzanne ~

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